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Part 1

Part 1

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 3

Part 4

Part 4


Part I Water Problems, Solutions and Technology Development

1 Introduction to the Importance of Water Services: Case of Finland

2 Trends of International Water Policies from the 1940s to the 2020s

3 History Matters: Major Turning Points in the Evolution of Water Services

4 Networking of Experts since the Early Days

5 Continuous Debate: Selection of Appropriate Raw Water Source

6 Water Efficiency: Will Water Use Per Capita Continue to Decline?

7 Fit to Drink: Evolution of Water Treatment 

8 Demanding Challenge: Aging Water Networks

9 Environmental Protection: Towards Zero Effluents with Water Pollution Control


Part II Operational Environment and Economics of Water Services

10 Ever-Changing Operational Environment

11 Towards Customer- and Citizen-Oriented Water Services


Part III Institutional Development and Governance

12 Institutional Framework and Increasingly Versatile and Complementary Legislation

13 Competence through Education, Research and Development 

14 Professional and Voluntary Collaboration: Associations and Foundations 

15 Public and Private Sector Collaboration

16 Changing International Water Arena 


Part IV Societal Importance and Futures of Water Services

17 Lessons Learnt: Societal Importance of Water Services

18 Towards Futures: Quarter of a Millenium as a Timeframe

19 Implications for International Cooperation and Policy

20 Poetic Epilogue - Keep Services Rolling!

21 References


Finnish Water Services – The Book of Water
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