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Tapio S. Katko

UNESCO Chairholder in Sustainable Water Services since 2012 and Adjunct Professor  (Water services development) at TUT since 1996 where he heads the CADWES research group ( He has 40 years’ experience  of teaching, research and practical experience in and for Finland; earlier he also worked in Eastern and Central Africa. He is a three-time visiting professor at Colorado State University. Dr. Katko’s current research deals with institutional, management, and policy issues, and long-term development and strategies of water and sanitation services. He has authored or co-authored over 400 publications including 35 books and monographs, and 165 peer review papers.

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services, Adjunct professor, DSc (Civ. Eng)
Tampere University of Technology (TUT) Dept. of Civil Engineering

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Author Tapio S. Katko